HRBC 2018 Republican Primary Endorsements

To receive an endorsement from HRBC, candidates and issues must receive a two-thirds majority of Trustee votes. No money was accepted from candidates in our endorsement process. Click here to download a printable PDF.
Office Name
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
U.S. Representative, District 7 John Culberson
U.S. Representative, District 8 Kevin Brady
U.S. Representative, District 10 Michael McCaul
U.S. Representative, District 22 Pete Olson
U.S. Representative, District 36 Brian Babin
Governor Greg Abbott
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
Attorney General Ken Paxton
Comptroller Glenn Hegar
Land Commissioner George P. Bush
Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick
Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Sharon Keller
Texas Supreme Court, Place 2 Jimmy Blacklock
Texas Supreme Court, Place 4 John Devine
Texas Supreme Court, Place 6 Jeff Brown
Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7 Barbara Parker Hervey
Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8 Dib Waldrip
State Senator, SD 7 Paul Bettencourt
State Senator, SD 17 Joan Huffman
State Representative, HD 127 Dan Huberty
State Representative, HD 128 Briscoe Cain
State Representative, HD 129 Dennis Paul
State Representative, HD 130 Tom Oliverson
State Representative, HD 132 Mike Schofield
State Representative, HD 133 Jim Murphy
State Representative, HD 134 Sarah Davis
State Representative, HD 135 Gary Elkins
State Representative, HD 138 Dwayne Bohac
State Representative, HD 144 Ruben Villarreal
1st Court of Appeals, Place 2 Jane Bland
1st Court of Appeals, Place 6 Harvey Brown
1st Court of Appeals, Place 8 Michael Massengale
1st Court of Appeals, Place 9 Jennifer Caughey
14th Court of Appeals, Place 3 Brett Busby
14th Court of Appeals, Place 4 Marc Brown
14th Court of Appeals, Place 5 Martha Hill Jamison
14th Court of Appeals, Place 6 Bill Boyce
14th Court of Appeals, Place 8 John Donovan
District Judge 55th Jeff Shadwick
District Judge 113th Michael Landrum
District Judge 157th Randy Wilson
District Judge 180th Catherine Evans
District Judge 182nd Jesse McClure
District Judge 183rd Vanessa Velasquez
District Judge 184th Renee Magee
District Judge 185th Stacey Bond
District Judge 189th Erin Lunceford
District Judge 190th Debra Ibarra Mayfield
District Judge 208th Denise Collins
District Judge 209th Mike McSpadden
District Judge 228th Marc Carter
District Judge 230th Brad Hart
District Judge 232nd Kristin M. Guiney
District Judge 234th Wesley Ward
District Judge 245th Roy L. Moore
District Judge 247th John Schmude
District Judge 248th Katherine Cabaniss
District Judge 257th Alyssa Lemkuil
District Judge 262nd Tammy J. Thomas
District Judge 263rd Justin Keiter
District Judge 269th Dan Hinde
District Judge 270th Brent Gamble
District Judge 280th Angelina Gooden
District Judge 281st Sylvia Matthews
District Judge 295th Fred Shuchart
District Judge 308th James Lombardino
District Judge 309th Sheri Y. Dean
District Judge 310th Lisa A. Millard
District Judge 311th Alicia Franklin York
District Judge 312th David Farr
District Judge 313th Glenn Devlin
District Judge 314th John F. Phillips
District Judge 315th Michael Schneider
County Judge Ed Emmett
County Civil Court 2 Theresa Chang
County Civil Court 3 Linda Storey
County Civil Court 4 Sophia Mafrige
County Criminal Court 1 Paula Goodhart
County Criminal Court 2 Bill Harmon
County Criminal Court 3 Natalie Fleming
County Criminal Court 4 John Clinton
County Criminal Court 5 Xavier Alfaro
County Criminal Court 6 Linda Garcia
County Criminal Court 7 Pam Derbyshire
County Criminal Court 8 Jay Karahan
County Criminal Court 9 John Wakefield
County Criminal Court 10 Dan Spjut
County Criminal Court 11 Aaron Burdette
County Criminal Court 12 John Spjut
County Criminal Court 13 Jessica Padilla
County Criminal Court 14 Mike Fields
County Criminal Court 15 Roger Bridgwater
County Probate Court 1 Loyd Wright
County Probate Court 2 Ray Black
County Probate Court 3 Rory Robert Olsen
County Probate Court 4 Christine Riddle Butts
District Clerk Chris Daniel
County Clerk Stan Stanart
County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez
County Commissioner, Pct 2 Jack Morman
County Commissioner, Pct 4 R. Jack Cagle
JP, Pct 4, Place 2 Laryssa Korduba
JP, Pct 5, Place 2 Jeff Williams
JP, Pct 8, Place 2 Louie Ditta
HCRP Chair Paul Simpson